Internet Download Manager

If you are found of downloading all kinds of stuff,like movies, videos,software's etc. from the internet then internet download manager is something that you need.It can download anything from the internet at a very fast speed some 7-9 times.If you have a very slow internet connection and are having issues with the downloading things online,then use internet download manager.
Internet download manager comes free for 30 days,that means you can test try it for that period, and if you like it,you can purchase the lifetime license for just $28 bucks.
Some of the salient features of Internet download manager are as under:
  • It supports almost all the popular web browsers,like Firefox,Chrome,Safari,Opera etc.
  • Downloads files with ta single click of the button,that means whenever you click on the download button,IDM takes over and accelerates the download for you. 
  • The files that are downloaded are put in separate folders for easy navigation and categorization.This helps to main an order for the various files that are downloaded from the internet.
  • If you are found of YouTube and wondered how you can download videos from it rather than streaming online,then IDM helps you to achieve this task by using a feature inbuilt int he software i.e Video Grabber.
  • Automatic virus checking of the files that are downloaded from the internet.This feature helps to block  malicious files that may be downloaded with the file and helps you to keep safe.
  •  Drag and Drop feature helps to easily drop the links in the software and IDM easily grabs the download files from those links. 
  • Internet Download Manager supports various types of  Proxies And Proxy Servers.
  • IDM can stop or resume downloads at whim,this is especially helpful when you don't want to keep the system running all the time,so you can simply stop the download and resume it at the later time.
  • Website Grabber is another cool feature that IDM has which allows you grab all the files from a websites that you are surfing, with click of a button.
  • Browser Integration helps to grab any file surfed from any browser.
Besides this Internet download manager has many other cool features.If you want to know how to get this software kindly go here

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